Saturday, March 2, 2013

hilary's kitchen adventures : hamentaschen

As a post-Purim treat (because obviously we couldn't get ourselves together in time to make these on an appropriate timeline aka before Purim), my friend and I made some homemade hamentaschen. This was the first time I've ever even thought about attempting such a thing, and they turned out so. well. They are basically shortbread with filling in a triangle shape. We used nutella as our filling because... well, do I really need to explain that to you? Obvs nutella > fruit filling, no question.

It was safe to say that this recipe needed more flour. 
This sticky dough was so attached to our fingers (& T's ring..oops). 

It made for some pretty amusing/spazzy pics.

There was no chance we'd be able to use a rolling pin. No. chance. Fingers/hands would have to do.


... and after. 
And perhaps this gives you a nice idea of why I don't cook -- what a mess. 

Luckily they were totally delicious and clean up didn't take TOO long. I would definitely use more nutella next time. Plus it was a good chance for T and me to pretend we are good, observant Jews. Just a day late. Better late than never?

x Hilary

P.S. Love the EAT letters on my wall? My very talented mom made them using this tutorial.

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