Sunday, March 3, 2013

a rather unfortunate event

Oh, what a great weekend. Spent studying, cleaning, and grocery shopping. All of my favorite things.

So what could top off such a fabulous weekend? The only fitting event to end such an eventful two days?

No, that isn't a fancy effect nor a music video for a hip new electronica artist. 
That's an extremely broken, rather pricey TV that I have had for less than two years.

And this is the furry culprit. 

Admittedly, this bad animal has jumped up on the very slim TV before, and I've removed him with a stern warning. He has even knocked it completely off the stand once, and the TV fared much better that time... no damages. 

But no, not this time. Not this time. This time was different. While I was standing in the kitchen, little Boudreaux ran and propelled himself off the front of the TV. And it went crashing down, amidst yelling and profanities (of my own.. if they had been from Boo, maybe I would be a little less upset because I would have a talking cat on my hands). 

And so, it's now time for me to sell everything I own, so I can afford a new TV. 

I currently have the following items on ebay. Please consider bidding. Please please. Have I mentioned I'm a poor graduate student? Living off loans? Eh?

These super hot Chinese Laundry heels are starting WAY less than their original retail value, $79.95.

These Monster lil' jamz in-ear headphones are also starting pretty cheap.

I'm considering putting up some cute stuff from my closet. Would anyone be interested in seeing what I have that I'd be willing to sell? Leave me a comment... (I'm a 2/4 slash small.)

x Hilary


  1. Oh no!! I thought I had rabbit troubles!

  2. Awww what a cute kitty!!!
    New follower from the blog hop!


  3. Oh my goodness!!!! That is horrible! I knew there was a reason I prefer dogs over cats! haha So sorry about your tv!


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