Saturday, February 9, 2013

weekend jams : week 1

I decided to start a new weekly feature on my blog, my weekend jams. Because obviously you need to know what I've been dancing in my car listening to this week. Generally I listen to alternative and indie rock, but I may throw in some Top 40 (oh hey, good friend T Swift, I'm looking at you).
Every weekend, I'll tell you my top three fave songs for the week with links to listen to the songs on Spotify (assuming I know how to do such things).
So here are my top three for the week!

I am actually, legitimately obsessed with this song. It makes me want to dance like crazy. However, it is not particularly indie. At all. I guess it's more electronica, so it's a little surprising I like it. But it's catchy, anyhow.
Disclaimer: If you're offended by cursing, 
skip this one because it will offend your sensibilities for sure. 

This is a fun, pretty song. They remind me a tiny bit of Tilly and the Wall. 

This band is from Louisiana (New Orleans/Lafayette), so of course I'm a little partial to them anyway. If you want to download this song for free, go here.

Feel free to tell me if you love em, hate em, or if you have suggestions for music you think I may like!

x Hilary


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