Saturday, February 2, 2013

mardi gras mambo

Rachel, Paige, me, Megan, & Jina
with our drinks & catches

Second year in Baton Rouge, first downtown parade! I went with some Mardi Gras babies, which always makes it a little more exciting -- people who have never been to a parade are especially fun to be around, even at a small parade like this. This was Krewe of Artemis, which is BR's all-women krewe.

By now, I'm kind of a bead snob.. I only want the really good ones! I especially like ones that light up. We also collected a bunch of stuffed animals to use as reinforcers (read: prizes) for the kids we test at our psychological services center (I know, we are so responsible and thoughtful). We didn't think the plastic hurricane cup was quite as appropriate.

I always like to have a bead or two with the krewe's name on it!
(This one has the year on the back, as well.)
Krewe of Artemis' symbol is the high heel, much like Muses, my fave krewe in NOLA.

We finished the night with some drinks, cheese fries, and fun at Lucy's. If you ever find yourself there, you have to get the frozen margarita -- I rarely get "original" lime margs, but this one legitimately tastes like a slice of key lime pie in a glass (complete with plastic pink mermaid hanging from the side).

Being silly in downtown Baton Rouge,
 with the Third Street bars in the background

I'm planning on going to one more parade in BR, Spanishtown (which is flamingo themed!) a week from today, then head to New Orleans for Endymion, day time parades on Sunday, and Bacchus, and that will likely complete my Mardi Gras 2013. We'll see if I remember to bring my camera, so I can post something other than fuzzy phone pics!

x Hilary


  1. New follower, I have always wanted to visit LA and go to Mardi Gras but I highly doubt I will ever get a chance.

    Have a good week. :)

  2. You should definitely try to go! Although if you're only going to get to LA once, I'd recommend going to NOLA during not-MG season just bc you can do & see so much more.
    Thanks for following!
    x Hilary


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