Wednesday, February 6, 2013

how I feel about : yoga

Dear yoga,
I underestimated you. I didn't think I would burn calories, much less sweat profusely (TMI?), while doing your poses. But there I was last night at my very first class, my glasses hanging from my face (contacts next time, I will not forget), visibly shaking while holding downward dog for a good three minutes. Today I have soreness in muscles that I did not know existed (okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but c'mon.. back of leg, underneath my knee muscle, what's your deeeal?). I think in time that I will get better at you, but for now, I pay you due respect.
Love, Hilary
P.S. Most difficult pose for me? Tree. I could not stay balanced for the life of me. Although I think it must've been nerves because I definitely practiced in my kitchen this evening while reheating some Chinese take-out, and I did just fine, thank you very much!

Anyway, yes, I took my first class last night (a basics class) at Yoga Bliss in Baton Rouge. My friend (the same friend who ran my first 5k with me in December) forced convinced me to try yoga. They have a great 10-20-30 deal for first-time students -- that's 10 classes, $20, in 30 days. So I have to take a class every few days, and since I paid money and have someone going with me, I think I'll probably stay motivated. Right after the class, I thought... oh, I don't know about this. Maybe I don't like it. But today, I'm feeling like I might really like it! I'm feeling less tense, muscle-wise and life-wise.

Plus, I got great deals on my yoga stuff at Target!
plain comfy & stretchy yoga pants in black
(but they have other cute colors!)
Gaiam yoga mat
(although mine is purple with a floral pattern --
 check your stores because I couldn't find it online)
about $13.00

Overall, I started yoga on the cheap, and so far I'm pretty happy I took the plunge (sorry, couldn't resist).

x Hilary


  1. Yay yoga! Sounds like an awesome deal. My contacts would always dry out and annoy me in class so I got a pair of Chums cotton glasses retainers; they're super dorky looking but awesome for yoga class :)

    Also, that back of knee muscle pain is usually a sign that you're hyperextending at the knee joint in straight leg poses (like tree, triangle, etc.) and it can actually lead to pretty serious sure to put a tiny bend in your knee to help you activate your leg muscles :) You can also try lifting your toes off the ground to help, too. Hope you enjoy your 30 days!

  2. Reese, thanks so much for that info! I am sore again this week back in the same spot, so I must be doing something wrong. I'll try to ask my instructor next class about that. It seems like maybe it happens in downward facing dog - is that another possibility?
    x Hilary


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