Saturday, February 2, 2013

favorite frugal find : bright bedspread

favorite frugal find #3

For my birthday slash Christmas slash Hanukkah gift this year, my wonderful boyfriend got me an incredibly generous gift (that is nice for both of us) - my first queen sized bed! Because, although it was quite cozy with the two of us and a cat in a twin sized bed, it was time for an upgrade. Of course, I needed a new bedspread and sheet set. I looked all over and finally found a great one at Macy's.

It's reversible too, so I actually have it on the patterned side instead of the floral side. It's not the fluffiest or softest, but it's adorable and was a great deal. At some point, I'm hoping my room will be clean and organized enough to actually show off, in which case perhaps real pictures can replace this one from Macy's site!

Original Price $100.00
My Price $32.00
That's 68% off!

x Hilary

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