Thursday, February 28, 2013

cara box reveal : february

Cara Box

For my first blog swap, I joined Kaitlyn at Wifessionals for the Cara Box swap. Kaitlyn paired bloggers up by state, so that matches could actually meet up if they wanted. I got paired up with another Kaitlyn, over at Put a Bow on It, who lives in Lafayette but commutes to Baton Rouge once a week. We met up downtown for our respective lunch breaks and exchanged boxes.
Let me just say, I definitely got spoiled! Check out what Kaitlyn picked out for me...

So the theme of the swap was ClubSexy. Not gonna lie, I didn't really get it. 
Kaitlyn got me the above set off Ulta nail polishes and those fun stamps (that I'll probably put on all further article reviews... ha) to fit the theme.

The rest of my box was cocktail themed, which is super appropriate for me. She got me a cute rubber wine stopper (which I almost bought for her!), a mini mixer set (so I can try and fail to make my own mojitos, yum), and adorable cocktail napkins with my new motto. 

What, there's more?! She got me a cupcake kit that is cocktail themed (did you even know such a thing existed?!) and even crafted it up (a girl after my own heart, obviously) and added some decorative stitching to this cute heart kitchen towel.

I love my box, thanks Kaitlyn! And thanks, other Kaitlyn, for setting up this swap. It was super fun to pick out a little themed gift for someone! 

x Hilary

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  1. so glad you loved it! and I am a total slacker and have YET to blog about what you got me. I blame it on the fact that February went by WAY too fast!!


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