Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a certain state of mind

My heart is divided between two very excellent states, Texas and Louisiana. They are both pretty fantastic for very different reasons. So today, I'd like to pay my respect to my two homes by showcasing a few lovely products I found on Etsy. People sure have a lot of talent these days, no?

Oh Louisiana, where my lovely New Orleans resides. I miss that city like crazy every day. 

But then there's Texas, one heck of a big state with lots of great things in it, 
including my favorite Texan cities, Houston (my hometown!) and Austin

(she makes them in lots of states!)

Did you know the Houston rodeo is starting this weekend? If you've never been, you should check it out -- lots of fun stuff to do, including checking out some sweet animals and concerts. 
And some day I will get to the cook-off! 

 A pair of friends in my program got our other friend this sweet bracelet for her birthday (except with the two states she has lived in) -- you can add states to it as you live in different places, or you can get a pair of states to represent you and your long distance significant other, etc. 
The possibilities are endless!

 Why is Texas great? Well, there's always Tex Mex. And although Louisiana tries, their attempts pale in comparison to my home state's delicious cheese-covered cuisine. I miss the endless delicious Mexican restaurants found in Houston (although Ninfa's in Baton Rouge is a pretty good option if I'm really craving it and can't get home).

But don't get me wrong, Louisiana has great food too! Can't beat some red beans and rice (with cornbread of course) on a Monday, or my newish fave, shrimp and grits.
 Louisiana seafood is pretty spectacular. 
I wouldn't mind some corn and crab bisque right about now 
(yes, it's 10 pm, what of it?). 

 Did you take multiple state history classes throughout your K through 12 education? I didn't think so. Does it take one million hours to get across your state? Okay, good for you. That's freaking annoying.

Then again, do you get off at least two days for Mardi Gras break? And do people ride by on floats and throw free things at you? 
And can you drink on the street (just remember, no glass!) while they do so? 

by 1canoe2

Does your state have multiple catchy songs dedicated to its greatness?  
*clap clap clap clap* Deep in the heart of Texas!

So clearly I remain torn. I could definitely see myself returning to live in Texas one day (I've always wanted to live in Austin, and I love Houston too, so either one would be fine with me!). But I know I would miss Louisiana (okay, let's be real, I'd miss New Orleans. Baton Rouge maybe not). In the meantime, I will go home for the essentials and indulge in almost-as-good alternatives here (Have I told you lately about Ninfas? Yes? What about Kolache Kitchen? YUM.). 

What's great about your state?

x Hilary


  1. Love this post & you found some great items on Etsy! Don't forget - there is a Ninfa's in Houston (lots) just in case that is what is holding you back! ;)

  2. Long ago I lived in Dallas for a few months--and my husband's family lives in TX, now, so I've been there a few times. I've never been too Louisiana, though. It's awesome that you love your multiple "Homes"--and I love state artwork.

  3. Have you been to Austin? I love it there.. & Houston, of course, my hometown.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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