Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my handsome boy

Admittedly this boy cat is a serious troublemaker. For example, he just snatched some chicken out of the sink and ate it before I could steal it back from him. He's also been known to bite guests (and me, of course) within 10 minutes of them being in my apartment, spill expensive Whole Foods guacamole onto my (luckily green) rug, and hop into the sink anytime the water is on (this is going to be dealt with -- I hope -- by buying a fancy water fountain for him soon).

But I adore him. He follows me around like a dog would -- seriously, if I'm in my apartment, we're generally within eyesight of one another. He sits with me on the couch. He meows at the door if I'm gone too long and flops at my feet when I come back. And he loves going out on my apartment patio. So enjoy the below photo session of the most handsome little boy cat I ever did see. (Oh, and ignore that awkward sideways table behind him.. that's so he doesn't jump from the second floor patio to the stairs right next door, where birds have created a very impressive nest in the light fixture.)

P.S. Want to adopt your own rescue kitty like Boudreaux? I got him from Project Purr in Baton Rouge. Check it out! Even if you're not in BR, please consider adopting.. it's kitten season, and there's a TON of abandoned mommas and babies in the shelters right now that need you to give them a forever home.

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