Sunday, April 22, 2012

the lucky one

You may think that this post is about the sappy movie featuring Zac Efron, who, let's be real here, is a total manchild. In the way that if you shaved off that stubble, he would reveal himself to be 14 and shouldn't be sleeping with that actress because she's a lot A LOT older than him. But anyway, if you thought that, you would be incorrect. Because it's really about the fact that I won some more stuff! I honestly can't believe my luck. Do note that I spend a significant amount of time entering giveaways.

Anyway, today I received my Muppets movie from Anderson Cooper AND my INPINK jewelry. What a great mail day (I looove mail, especially packages!). I hadn't mentioned the jewelry on the blog before, but I got it from a giveaway at The Daybook (thanks Sydney!). I also won a tshirt from Oberto (yeah, the beef jerky brand), which is super ridiculous and will be given to my boyfriend's roommate.

INPINK (now excuse my discontinuation of capitalizing that name because I feel like I'm yelling at you) has been super generous with giveaways lately, and this is actually the second $40 gift card I've won from them (I got the first one from Selective Potential, so thanks Tieka!) . As far as a review goes, I love what I got last time, and I frequently wear the bracelet set. Their website is great with lots of search options. The one thing I don't like is they don't provide photos of people wearing their jewelry, so sometimes it's hard to visualize the size of pieces (especially earrings). Their packaging is meticulously done, with each piece of jewelry individually wrapped in tissue paper, then put in a cute little box with beaded elastic to keep it closed. I got two pieces of jewelry with each $40 gift card and still had enough for shipping! I would recommend the site for gifts for girlfriends, maybe even options for your bridal party.

I thought I'd share what I got this time around...
Pink Tear Drop Necklace, which I got on sale.

Gold Tone Hammered Teardrops on Chain Earrings

Anyway, I did win one more thing, but I'm going to keep it a secret for now because I want to post a picture when it gets here!
Maybe I should've played Mega Millionaire afterall... 


  1. Oooh, both of these items are SO cute!! How lovely to have won, yay!!

    As for your blog question about the tote bag?! The straps are leather and reinforced with rivets... I think for a small mac book (like mine) it would be fine, but hard to say for something heavier/constant use - however, the bag is super duper quality! Hope that helps!! xo veronika

  2. i LOVE that necklace!! it's soo cute!!!


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