Wednesday, March 28, 2012

specific phobia: mutant moth

Dear friends,
Sometimes I wonder how my life is so..well..bizarre. It seems as though weird or unexpected things happen to me a lot more than the average person. I don't think I bring such events on myself, but I suppose it is possible. Or maybe I can just turn any little event into a great story, and my life is actually super uneventful. Maybe a quirky combination of the two.
You know how some blogs do Awkward and Awesome one day a week? I could do that for my entire life. Minus the awesome on most days.
Anyway, a weird thing happened to me today. And I feel the need to share it with you, dear reader.
First, check this guy out (the weird bug thing, not the cigarette butt):
This fun little fuzzbutt got his picture taken because he had previously made my neck his perch. In case you don't know me (in which case you probably wouldn't be reading this blog because I don't think anyone actually reads this, much less strangers, but alas..), I do not. like. bugs. AT ALL. Not a fan. Butterflies can hang with me, but that's about it. I don't even like moths. And I especially do not like mutant caterpillars that somehow manage to get on my neck.
So I'm sitting outside under a big oak tree, enjoying the weather and a PB&J bagel, and I feel a weird sensation on my neck. Lo and behold, something is there -- I originally thought it might be some jelly because that's kind of how it felt, and I'm a pretty messy eater (the fact that I thought there might be jelly on my neck is kind of awkward in and of itself, no?). I literally FLING it off, suddenly realizing it's probably some kind of creature!!, and it goes flying across the area, landing conveniently next to this cigarette butt, which offers some size comparison (kind of a big guy). Needless to say, I promptly went inside, then continued to feel like there were bugs on me the rest of the day.
I also posted this lil bugger to my Facebook, and I found out it is a Orgyia leucostigma aka the white-marked tussock moth. But in caterpillar form. So someday this strange, awful creature may actually become a moth and then be able to FLY onto me.
And honestly, that would be my luck.

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