Thursday, August 18, 2011

how time flies

Wow, it's been nearly a month since I last posted -- I feel terrible! I meant to really keep up with this blog, but life kind of took over for awhile.

Since my last post...
-- I have moved from my hometown and summer city Houston to a brand new city, Baton Rouge
-- I got back to New Orleans with my family, saw the boy and some friends, and visited my favorite restaurant Dante's Kitchen (their spoon bread is my favorite part.. I think I could eat two full skillets all by myself, no joke.)
-- My brother and dad went to my grandparents' house in New Jersey, while my mom and I went to Natchez, MS to visit antebellum homes and play tourists for two days (separate photo post to come!)
-- I went to graduate school orientation at LSU and have been orienting myself to the city
-- I'm getting my apartment set up, and I know it's going to look absolutely adorable if I ever when I finish

I start graduate school classes on Monday! Eek! I'm really nervous, and only semi-excited. I think I'm just scared it's going to be so much work that I'm going to get incredibly stressed out. I haven't met anyone here yet, either (although I know two people from Tulane who are here, at least, and New Orleans is only a little more than an hour away), so I think once I get acquainted with campus and meet some classmates, I'll start feeling better about things.

Anyway, sorry about the boring post! I have lots of stuff to do for my Etsy shop The Clever Life, including actually making some orders (woohoo!), and more apartment establishing things, errands to run, etc. but next time I swear I'll be more entertaining ;).

P.S. Have you heard about Shopularity? No? Well, it's basically a popularity contest to win cool prizes. I'm currently fighting for a beautiful Coach bag. If you have two seconds, would you mind voting for me? You just log in with your Facebook or Twitter (and can take away Shopularity's connection permissions immediately after if you like). Pleeeease?!