Saturday, July 2, 2011

style for a patriot

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Looking for some ideas of what to wear this Fourth? Why not pair up some cute, sporty shoes with a super feminine dress? Add a little star bling and some stylish sunnies for a look that will create its own fireworks.

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  1. Love this adorable style sheet, that dress is just the sweetest. And those shoes -love them!! Hope your week is a fantastic one hun. xx veronika

  2. Vanessa - they're actually men's shoes! But I thought they were adorable.

    Vernoika - thanks! I'm still trying to get a hang of making them in Photoshop. You have a great week too!

    x Hilary

  3. i've been wanting red rayban-esque sunglasses for the longest time now! cute outfit pick, by the way. :)


  4. adorable! I wish I had seen this BEFORE the 4th! How was your 4th of July??

  5. Oh gosh... this outfit is so cute for the 4th! xo

  6. SSDS - I know, aren't they fun? I finally convinced myself I look cute enough in wayfarers to buy some. still not completely confident, but I had to follow the trend.

    jaclyn - my fourth was good except lacking in the firework department due to Houston's drought :( but the boyfriend was in town, so that made up for it! how was yours?

    monica - thanks! I want the dress forreal.. gotta resist, gotta resist.

    tieka - thanks so much! I love your blog, so happy you could stop by :).

  7. So stinking cute! Hard to go wrong with ModCloth!

  8. I love those shoes! I've had such an obsession this summer with American flag patterned clothing. Some of my friends claim you can only wear it for Independence day, but you why can't you be patriotic all year round? ;)

    p.s. Thanks for the lovely comment! So good to hear from you!



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