Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my very first

That's right, welcome to my very first outfit post. I haven't posted in quite awhile (oops!) because I've been pretty busy working on my shop (visit The Clever Life here). I've got a few more posts up my sleeves, though -- a few more outfits, some guest appearances from some Houston friends (hey guys!), and maybe a recipe or two... okay, who am I kidding, one recipe because I kind of suck at cooking.

Anyway, on to the outfit.. It's pretty warm in Houston at the moment, as expected, so shorts are a must (or a dress or skirt, of course -- just no long-legged pants here!). I wore this out and about doing errands and the like one day last week. I went with some juxtaposition between boy-ish and feminine pieces -- because I was wearing some torn up shorts and my TOMS, I went with a top in feminine colors (see that pink there?) and a pearly necklace with a heart locket pendant.

Sunnies : LOFT (on sale for $14.50) {really expensive version}
Faux Button Down : Aerie (on sale for ~$12) {same style here}
Necklace : Forever 21 (a gift from my bestie a few years ago)
Watch : Fossil (bought duty-free on a cruise last summer -- I mostly use it as a bracelet because it's so cute!) {you know you want one}
Purse : Fossil {similar bag here}
Shorts : American Eagle (these are my favorite shorts EVER -- they are the perfect length and fit, so comfy and soft, I just wish they weren't quite so worn out!) {yes, unfortunately they come distressed}
Shoes : TOMS (if you don't own TOMS yet, you need to get some -- an awesome company and purpose and oh so comfy shoes with great support) {wanna match?}

I'm headed to Austin this weekend (yay yay yay!), and I will probably be taking my fancy camera with me (read: digital SLR), so I should have a big ol' photo post upcoming. Maybe. If I'm not having too much fun to take some photos.

P.S. I found out recently that if you bring an American Eagle receipt into the Aerie in my mall, you will get 15% off your total purchase, including sale items. Check your local store to see if the offer applies and save some money!


  1. Love your adorable Toms shoes. I've been meaning to get a pair, they look SO comfortable, and it seems like such a fantastic company too. Enjoy the gorgeous weather. xx veronika

  2. I love TOMS too, although i don't have any yet. And I live in Dallas and YES shorts are an absolute must!!
    love your outfit :) you look cute :)

    Notes She Wrote

  3. I have an obsession with Toms as well! I think I am going on my 5th pair now. LOVE!


  4. Thanks, all! It's almost too warm for even TOMS.. I've been living in flip flops and sandals the past few weeks. But they are super comfy! Everyone should own a pair.

    x Hilary

  5. TOMS! I have the silver glitters and got them the week they came out. Now everyone seems to have them on campus!! Toms go with every outfit. You look so cute in them!


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