Thursday, June 23, 2011

expecting moms & their stationery

Dear friends,
If you ever decide to have children, please DO NOT plan to send me one of these cards.
Creepy or creepiest ever?

P.S. The reason I even found these expecting mommy cards by The Bonnie Marcus Collection was because I saw these (below) very cute camp cards! Not that I went to camp (yikes, bugs! and no showers!).. I just checked out the site because I thought they were adorable. Unfortunately I ran into the above not so adorable cards (which were featured on The Today Show, so don't be too embarrassed if you like them.. they obviously have a market. A creepy market ;) ). Talk about hit or miss.

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  1. Ah, the cards are truly amazing. Loved it. ANd following now, maybe youll visit me someday. =)

  2. amazing cards

    your neweest follower Michelle

  3. Thanks for following, ladies! Glad you liked the cards :)

    x Hilary


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