Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the creation of the craziest hat ever

I thought it necessary to share the hat I made for a recent New Orleans Yelp Elite event. The theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party, and the challenge was to make the most elaborate hat. Naturally, as a crafty lady, I had to create a formidable contender for the contest.

I started out with a $6 hat I bought at Kmart (pretty cute for Kmart, right?). Then I picked up all the necessary decorations at Michael's -- that included several bunches of faux daisies, a tiny silver watering pail, a bunny leftover from Easter decorating, a silly pink bird, a kid's garden tool, etc. I also recycled some ribbon that Aerie uses to adorn their shopping bags (always love that cute touch).

I didn't want to ruin the hat (I figured I might wear it as-is if I am feeling particularly beachy), so instead of gluing things on (also couldn't find the hot glue...), I used some thin wire. I would not necessarily recommend going down this path because the wire wound up poking my head a bit.
 This picture shows how, after I poked the wire through the center of the faux flower, I wrapped it in a small coil to secure it.

You can see my shiny pink Sally Hansen nails in this photo!

Here's the finished product! It was definitely an elaborate hat, albeit pretty ridiculous. Unfortunately, I did not win...
... that one won. Go figure.

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