Saturday, April 9, 2011

trend alert - terrible trends

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, please do not read this post (or do, just don't send me mean emails. Ha!). Please also keep in mind that these are my personal opinions. Obviously plenty of people love these styles -- if they didn't, they wouldn't be a trend, right? Just don't expect me to be wearing any of these any time soon. P.S. Yes, I did post links to these items in the case that you think this is actually a guide of awesome things to wear and want to pick them up.

Maxi Dresses
So maxi dresses.. why? Some people might say -- Oh, they're great in the summer. They're flowy and light weight. But then I would ask you, why not wear shorts? Why not wear a short dress? I just think they're SO unflattering. There is no shape whatsoever to these dresses!

The girl (Vanessa Hudgens) is literally DROWNING in this dress (from!

Well at least that top part looks okay? Sort of... Eh. (Thanks, Piperlime.)

I find maxi skirts almost equally offensive. Even on this clearly extremely tall girl, it looks frumpy, in my opinion.

"Hippie" Headbands
I don't get this one either. Headbands are called headbands for a reason -- they go on your head. They would be called foreheadbands if they were meant for your forehead. They are not serving any purpose being stretched across your forehead.

 That's Mary Kate and Nicole Richie sportin' the mushroom-head look (especially MK over there). It seems MK has taken it a step further and used her own hair, braided into a "headband." SOO BOHO. (By the way, this post is from 2006.. it seems these girls were really ahead of the times.)

Why yes, you DO look like you're dressed up as Cleopatra for Halloween! That's what you were going for, right? (And this one's only $145! What a steal.)

High Rise Shorts
The shorts remind me of the so-called "Mom Jeans." And this is why low-rise jeans were created, so we don't have to wear these! 
 This looks likes a wedgie waiting to happen.

And my very, very least favorite...

I cannot STAND rompers. I have plenty of friends who wear them, and I will accept that they like them. But I really think they might be the worst trend yet. Rompers were made for small children, and on small children they should remain (in fact, when Google shopping for rompers for this post, the last two rows on the first page are for toddlers). I don't buy that they're comfortable because I always see people pulling the shorts down, pulling the top up. I do not see their purpose.

This would be a great dress, no? Instead, the bottom is shorts. This looks LUMPY. And.. Peter Pan like? I don't even know.

My guess is that this model probably has a good body somewhere underneath this mass of strangely-bunched, elasticized fabric.

So there you go. Next time, perhaps I will find some trends I actually like to share with you! In the meantime, I suggest you avoid these fashion mistakes.

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  1. Thank you. All of those styles -- every single one -- is from my youth. Love, Mom.


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