Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tips on saving money, post two

So I assume we all know about Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. (If you don't... a) Where have you been? and b) Sign up now! I love these things. I've gotten deals for Toni & GuyPiece a Work, and J'anitas at Rendon Inn! I love saving money, don't you?)

But did you know there's a Groupon-esque site for Etsy shops? Yes, it's true! Isn't this great news? Now you can get items from some really great artists and support local independent shops, all while saving a few bucks. Woohoo!

It's called Heartsy. Feel free to use my referral link when you sign up -- I'd really appreciate it!

P.S. I bought a Heartsy deal yesterday.. here's some things I'm thinking of buying from bomobob. Gorgeous, huh?

Missed the first tips on saving money post? Click here to read about my first tip, Ebates!

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