Thursday, April 21, 2011

I might like bunnies.

It's hard to say. But I figure this is Cinnabun's birthday month, and Easter is coming up, so maybe we need a few more bunnies in our lives. Yes?

Here is an adorable little bunny ring which would look oh-so-cute on my finger. And maybe yours, too! If you like, you can buy a Heartsy voucher tomorrow for Proteale's shop -- pay $19, get $45 to spend at the shop. Good deal! Get your little bunny ring in honor of Cinnabun's birthday.

P.S. Oh, you haven't met Cinnabun?

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  1. Cinnabun just made my heart melt.I need a bunny and a bracelet :)

  2. He thanks you for your compliment and wonders if you have any oats for him? :D


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