Sunday, April 24, 2011

hilary's kitchen adventures : red beans & rice wontons

A few weeks ago, we stopped by Avenue Pub for a drink and a snack after some other adventures. I chose an appetizer called red beans and rice wontons. It sounded just wild and crazy enough to be a really good idea. And it was. It was wild and crazy good. But at $6 for five tiny bites, this was not a snack I could frequently purchase.

And so.. a mission was born. A mission to recreate this delish late night munch.

First we made some red beans (and by that I mean.. poured them out of a can, added a few extra spices, and heated them up) and rice. We stirred it all up. We were tempted to stop then. 

Next we got out our little wonton wrappers. We spooned out a tiny bit of our beans and rice mixture into the center of the wrapper. Using our fingers, we spread a tiny bit of water around the outside perimeter of the wrapper to activate its.. er.. adhesive properties.

Rachel also attempted a more traditional wonton style... they looked like little mermaid purses! How cute.

These pictures are not quite as appetizing. BUT this is the frying process. A small amount of vegetable oil just hot enough to fry the little wontons! How long do we keep them in there? We don't know. Just 'til they're golden brown. The turnover style puffed up a crazy amount -- they really looked like they were going to explode, but it never happened. Phew!

Golden brown? Check! Shake off the excess oil and put them on a paper towel to dry. They were crispy and delicious. And we did it completely without directions! Hooray, kitchen adventures!

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