Tuesday, February 15, 2011

grammy revelations &/or questions for the ages

Just some things that occurred to me while I watched the Grammy's... alone. So I couldn't share it with anyone. Except you. Sorry.

* Sometimes I really love Katy Perry. She said on the red carpet why she brought her grandma -- "So even if I don't bring home a Grammy, I'll bring home MY grammy." Cute. I love that couple more and more these days.
* Florence has a killer voice!
* Isn't it weird when British people don't have British accents when they sing? (See Muse.)
* Haley Williams (Paramore) looks like a fool in her pink tutu dress. (And can someone tell her to please change that hair? Go ahead and fix the eyebrows too, hun. She used to be so cute!)

* Baby Will Smith has got MOVES.
* The JBieb/Usher relationship strikes me as kind of creepy.  ("We are in love. Please do not disturb.")

* Usher was clearly going for the male stewardess look during his performance.

* If you perform at the Grammy's, you will win a Grammy. (Miranda Lambert, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Arcade Fire, Eminem)
* Why does Lady Gaga need to be so weird? She has a killer voice and a killer body. Why "incubate" in an egg instead of walking down the red carpet like a normal person?
* Why does John Mayer look like a washed up Johnny Depp?

* Mumford & Sons? Cuties. I liked their performance because it was genuine, they are obviously actually talented, and there were no strange lights, fog, or dancers. And they looked like they were absolutely LOVING it. The way it should be. I think I'll need to listen to their album again a few times. Pretty much the same goes for The Avett Brothers. Really great performance.
* I fast-forwarded through Lady Antebellum. Sorry.
* Kings of Leon don't look too pleased to be on stage with Miley.
* Country still sucks.
* OMG Cee-Lo what's going on?! It's like we all get to see his acid trip or something. Gwyneth Paltrow is HOT. Did you see those shoes?!

* What is this song that Katy Perry is singing? Well whatever it is, at least she's just showcasing her voice for a change. The wedding footage behind her is kind of cheesy, but I'll give her a break. Oh, here comes the "show."

* Look how cute Norah Jones is! I love that dress.

* I wish Rihanna would sing like this all the time instead of creating songs about S&M. Also, how cool is this fire-inspired dress she's wearing? Pretty nice how they've combined two of Eminem's songs. That's Skylar Grey singing the non-Rihanna part.
Watch the video here before it gets pulled... 
* Esperanza Spalding who?
* I'm unclear as to why Ke$ha would want someone who looked like Mick Jagger. Just sayin'. (I suppose he does have a lot of energy for an older gentleman?)
* Eminem looks literally STUNNED that he won. You performed, remember? That means you're gonna win.
* Diddy's looking under the influence.
* Rihanna is awfully... bejeweled. Her gyrating is making me a little uncomfortable.

* Lady Antebellum dude looks real peeved that they didn't win EVERYTHING they were nominated for.. but my theory still stands -- Arcade Fire performed, they get a Grammy.
* And finally, most importantly.. Can we get fewer theatrics, better music? PLEASE.

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  1. This is hilarious! Great Grammy's wrap-up!
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