Friday, January 28, 2011

a weekend behind

So I am a lazy bum, basically, and I just now uploaded my photos from last weekend onto my computer. (Admittedly, my computer is seriously slow these days and doesn't appreciate that I do much of anything.) Anyway, I thought I would share the weekend's events with you.

Friday night, the boy and I went to Starlight Races at New Orleans Fairgrounds, the local horse racing facility. I had not been to the racetrack in years (and never before in New Orleans), especially while of legal age to place bets, so I thought this was an especially exciting event. Needless to say, with my luck, I lost money. We didn't bet more than $3 or $4 per race and only stayed for four or five, so it wasn't a horrific loss. I did win $1.20 once, and $1.80 a few races later. The boy won like $7 the first race -- he has all the luck (you should see him at Harrah's.. well, compared to me, anyway). My favorite horse name was definitely "Little Polka Dot." Aw.

Me with all of my (losing) bets.

I didn't do much Saturday. The boy worked an overnight P.A. job on Kitchen Disaster or something like that (the one with that Ramsey fellow?), so he was sleepy. Our solution? Staying and watching many episodes of Skins (the original U.K. version), a highly recommended watch (and available on Netflix, lucky you!).

Sunday, we went for a lovely bike ride in the park. Okay, it was lovely except for the part that I am so out of shape that I was sore only a few hours after. Oh, and that my seat must be adjusted wrong because no one's behind should be that sore after biking for less than two hours. Later that evening, we met up with some friends to go out for our friend Teri's birthday. Our night started going to MVBurger, a newish pop-up burger restaurant that only operates on Sunday, out of one of our favorite breakfast places, Slim Goodies. MVBurger can be found on Twitter, where they announce their weekly burger and shake specials. We stood outside for about 20 minutes in a very long line before we were seated at a tiny table for two.

The view from outside. Let us in, let us in! We are hungry!

Enjoying my chocolate shake :) That's their homemade ketchup in that little jam jar.

We each ordered cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes (chocolate for me, strawberry cheesecake for the boy). The fries were curly and thin and delicious. Every time I think about them, I want them (my mouth is watering, I'm serious!). The burger was less than perfect, too pink for me, and it fell apart :(. But the delicious chocolate shake made from Sucré gelato made up for it.

After dinner, we went to Frenchman St. to meet up with Teri and everyone else. I spotted some cool graffiti.. check it out!

That's me holding hands with Glittersaurus. Obviously.

We went to Three Muses, ordered some drinks, listened to some live music, and chatted.

My strawberry mojito? Delicious as it looks. Three Muses has lots of pretty, tasty drinks. Yum!

Later on we wandered around the rest of Frenchman St., and after many different poor options, we chose Blue Nile. We ended our night listening to a lively brass band (and watching some very terrible dancing).

Disclaimer: These photos are from phones (my kind of crappy one and the boy's iPhone), so they are not of the best quality. I will try to be better at photos in the future!

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