Wednesday, January 26, 2011

inspired fashion : gossip girl

I find the TV show Gossip Girl inspiring in many ways: the fashion, the music, Little J's dark wardrobe and even darker eyeliner, the manipulative schemes and crazy, unbelievable situations the characters are thrust into..Okay, maybe just the first few. But in all seriousness, Gossip Girl's characters are impeccably dressed, and the stylists clearly use up-and-coming trends as inspiration for the cast's outfits.

When I was watching the latest episode on Monday, all I could think of was, "Wow, that's a lot of HUGE necklaces!" So I thought I should share this inspiration with you by way of a few screenshots of the necklaces featured on episode "The Kids Are Not Alright." This is a look accessible for anyone -- just follow my tips from the patterned bag post because otherwise the look will become overwhelming very quickly. You could also check out the screenshots and see the characters' entire outfits for inspiration. You'll notice that their dresses are fairly plain, like one color, or match nearly exactly, like Blair's amazing sparkly dress (that, ahem, I would kill for -- you should maybe watch your back, Leighton ;) ).

{Screenshots available at}

Next post will include some fabulous statement necklaces that you can buy!


  1. These are fantastic! Just came across your blog and find it inspiring:)


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