Thursday, January 13, 2011

to-die-for craft supplies

So I'm currently working on some Valentine's Day garlands for over in my Etsy shop. During my winter vacation, I stopped at a local craft store to stock up on felt (which was 50% off, woohoo!) to replace my diminished supply. I walked on over to the felt section, and what did I see to my surprise? Patterned felt! Imagine the possibilities!

Alright, so maybe you're not quite as excited as I am about this..

But check it out:

Personally, I picked up some embossed! red felt with a swirly flourish pattern, zebra stripes, cheetah print in pink and black, black and white houndstooth, and some polka dots. I was pretty pumped.

And the results?

So just hop on over to google and search for "patterned felt" or "embossed felt." Or better yet, search on Etsy and support your fellow crafting business people!

Used patterned felt lately on a project you want to share? Seen it in a store near you? Leave me a comment!

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