Monday, January 31, 2011

to-die-for craft supplies, part two

Welcome to the second installment of posts-where-I-rave-about-cute-craft-supplies (Phew, that's a mouthful. I better come up with a spunky name for these posts.). Oh, you haven't seen the first? That one was about patterned felt (still adorable).

This one is about other things. Because two posts about patterned felt might be overkill, even for me.

Behind curtain number one is... the cutest hand-made stamps I've ever seen!
 If you don't check out all the other, equally cute stamps at eatpraycreate,  you're doing yourself a real disservice. And I like my readers happy, so scoot on over there. (Then come back here, I'm lonely!)
 Oh, and p.s. if you'd like to pick up a little name stamp for me, I wouldn't be opposed (that's Hilary with one 'L').

Ooh, shiny! I saw glitter, and it had to go in this post. (You can snag some of these "blink blink sugar bands" and.. well, I'm not really sure what you do with them, but they're pretty, and you can get them from meatballtheory.)

Finally, these may be the cutest buttons I've ever seen. (Edit: Oh wait, I looked at the rest of heydayhandmade's shop...)
Go, collect all things cute and crafty, and have a fabulous Tuesday!


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