Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pulling it off - patterned bag

So I got this beautiful, fun new bag from Fossil for Christmas (Thanks Mom!). {You can buy your own here - they have a few cute new patterns too, available on Fossil's website.}

Now, I have some suggestions on how to successfully pull off a look like this. With such a bright, vibrant, eye-catching pattern, you want to keep everything else you're wearing pretty subdued. I wouldn't necessarily say you have to avoid patterns all together, but use caution when selecting (for example, you could do a polka dot in two colors, maybe stripes, but not a HUGE all-over pattern). I'd also select a color from your bag to inspire your outfit. And when you choose a trend like the patterned bag, you want to avoid other big trends because it will look over-done.

So, what did I wear? Well, I didn't get a photo (oops!), but here's the outfit..

-- Similar navy sweater (mine is actually v-neck and not cable, but you get the idea) {Forever 21}
-- Skinny jeans {Urban Outfitters}
-- Cream 3/4 length cardigan (I just rolled up the sleeves of the navy sweater underneath) {Urban Outfitters - not sure this is the exact one, but the one I own is soo comfy and cute!}
-- Similar light brown leather boots {Steve Madden - mine are from last season, but these are similar except mine have cuffs and less of a heel}
-- Gold tiered earrings {mine are from World Market, but these at QVC are similar -- update! Here are some more that I like a little better.}


  1. pretty bag! i can never have enough :) and thanks for the comment on my blog! i have to consciously tell myself not to abbreviate "save the date" haha

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. What an adorable bag and a super cute outfit to go along with it. Too bad you didn't get an outfit pic, would have loved to have seen it. ;-) veronika

  3. I love patterned bags with simple colors-- I love how you paired yours!

  4. I love the purse, and the outfit you paired it with! :)



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