Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the mecca of cool products

So, you like Etsy's treasuries?
Then you'll LOVE this site I just discovered (maybe you've heard of it, I may be behind the times..).
It's called Wanelo.
You can install a toolbar (much like Polyvore), and it lets you "clip" your favorite products onto the site. I haven't explored it too extensively, but you can browse the most recent uploads, or you can check out their "Collections" (this is like Etsy's treasuries, but with products from all over the web). Here's some cool finds from the site..

{This is lovely, huh? Only $3,500 here.}

{I love these shoes! Not sure I could pull them off.. could you?}

{Some awfully cozy-looking sweater pillows.. I think this could be a pretty cool DIY project from thrifted sweaters! I may have to try it out and report back.}

{Affordable, glamorous earrings from lizix26 on Etsy.}

And finally...the grand finale...

{Oh my gosh, it's the pig from Angry Birds! I would throw birds at him if I had him.}

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