Sunday, January 16, 2011

dream interpretation, anyone?

Last night (or maybe this morning, it's hard to say), I had some VERY strange dreams. I usually don't remember my dreams this vividly, so I just have to share.

So here we go.. my mom, brother, and I were in church. But we were all sitting on giant long couches rather than in pews, and the ministers were up on a huge stage with velvet curtains. Then they picked some people to sing the hymn in front, and it turned out they all had dreads (then there was a joke -- how typical, we are Unitarians!). THEN the church a capella group got up on stage to sing their version of the hymn.

But then it gets weirder -- somehow we flash forward to this huge ship. The boyfriend and I are on this ship (and so is my rabbit, Cinnabun, oddly enough). We decide to sleep out on the deck in sleeping bags (with Cinnabun). So in the middle of the night, a huge storm develops, and I somehow hear the radio -- they're closing the big bridge, there's flooding, etc. But we seem fine. Then suddenly we are SO not fine -- the ship starts sinking! My bunny is running around, binkying (Side note: If you don't know what "binkying" is, please watch this adorable video), getting dangerously close to the edge and falling into the wild waves below! Somehow I catch him and throw him inside the main part of the ship (which for some reason is not sinking. Hm.). So the bunny is safe, but the boyfriend is still asleep! I run out to wake him up, and he's all confused (typical David sleepy state), but I tell him we need to hurry and get inside! I see that my glasses are precariously close to falling in the water, so I grab them, but in the process, I toss my phone into the sea. I see its lights as it slowly sinks (I hope this is not foreshadowing an event in my waking life). Everything else (sleeping bags, Cinnabun's cage?) starts sinking too, and suddenly we are in the water, swimming! How quickly things progressed. Luckily, a life vest comes floating to me (I am not a very good swimmer), but it's not fully inflated -- I ask the boyfriend to please blow it up for me because I don't want to put my mouth on its questionable plug (this is just too realistic). So he somehow obtains another life vest, and we float on over to the main part of the ship, which is still not sinking, and hop on. And with dream-us safe, I wake up, reassured that I can face a sinking ship as long as David is there to blow up my life vest.

Welcome to the clutter-filled place that is my head.

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