Monday, January 31, 2011

to-die-for craft supplies, part two

Welcome to the second installment of posts-where-I-rave-about-cute-craft-supplies (Phew, that's a mouthful. I better come up with a spunky name for these posts.). Oh, you haven't seen the first? That one was about patterned felt (still adorable).

This one is about other things. Because two posts about patterned felt might be overkill, even for me.

Behind curtain number one is... the cutest hand-made stamps I've ever seen!
 If you don't check out all the other, equally cute stamps at eatpraycreate,  you're doing yourself a real disservice. And I like my readers happy, so scoot on over there. (Then come back here, I'm lonely!)
 Oh, and p.s. if you'd like to pick up a little name stamp for me, I wouldn't be opposed (that's Hilary with one 'L').

Ooh, shiny! I saw glitter, and it had to go in this post. (You can snag some of these "blink blink sugar bands" and.. well, I'm not really sure what you do with them, but they're pretty, and you can get them from meatballtheory.)

Finally, these may be the cutest buttons I've ever seen. (Edit: Oh wait, I looked at the rest of heydayhandmade's shop...)
Go, collect all things cute and crafty, and have a fabulous Tuesday!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

a relaxing sunday

Are you relaxing this Sunday? Or gearing up for the new week?
Either way, I think you should take a look at this charming illustration from Laura George. I just love her sense of humor.

P.S. She has a coupon code for 14% off everything in her shop! Just enter coupon code "LOVELY".

Friday, January 28, 2011

trend alert - statement necklaces

If you read my statement necklaces featured on Gossip Girl post, you'll know this post was coming. If you didn't read that post, shame on you. Just kidding. But surprise! This is part two.

All of these necklaces were found on Etsy. I hope this makes clear that there is a statement necklace for EVERY style! Hooray! These necklaces aren't TOO crazy, so they're super accessible for everyone, even the style-impaired.

{bright: NewFashionedWhispers, dark: rebecca3030,
romantic: VintageValleyGirl, vintage-inspired: tamar}

And with that, welcome to the weekend.

GOOD NEWS! A lovely statement necklace from VintageValleyGirl can now be yours for 15% off! The coupon code is VINTAGE15. Thanks, Francheska! (If you wind up buying something from her shop, please let her know you found her through One Cluttered Life!)

a weekend behind

So I am a lazy bum, basically, and I just now uploaded my photos from last weekend onto my computer. (Admittedly, my computer is seriously slow these days and doesn't appreciate that I do much of anything.) Anyway, I thought I would share the weekend's events with you.

Friday night, the boy and I went to Starlight Races at New Orleans Fairgrounds, the local horse racing facility. I had not been to the racetrack in years (and never before in New Orleans), especially while of legal age to place bets, so I thought this was an especially exciting event. Needless to say, with my luck, I lost money. We didn't bet more than $3 or $4 per race and only stayed for four or five, so it wasn't a horrific loss. I did win $1.20 once, and $1.80 a few races later. The boy won like $7 the first race -- he has all the luck (you should see him at Harrah's.. well, compared to me, anyway). My favorite horse name was definitely "Little Polka Dot." Aw.

Me with all of my (losing) bets.

I didn't do much Saturday. The boy worked an overnight P.A. job on Kitchen Disaster or something like that (the one with that Ramsey fellow?), so he was sleepy. Our solution? Staying and watching many episodes of Skins (the original U.K. version), a highly recommended watch (and available on Netflix, lucky you!).

Sunday, we went for a lovely bike ride in the park. Okay, it was lovely except for the part that I am so out of shape that I was sore only a few hours after. Oh, and that my seat must be adjusted wrong because no one's behind should be that sore after biking for less than two hours. Later that evening, we met up with some friends to go out for our friend Teri's birthday. Our night started going to MVBurger, a newish pop-up burger restaurant that only operates on Sunday, out of one of our favorite breakfast places, Slim Goodies. MVBurger can be found on Twitter, where they announce their weekly burger and shake specials. We stood outside for about 20 minutes in a very long line before we were seated at a tiny table for two.

The view from outside. Let us in, let us in! We are hungry!

Enjoying my chocolate shake :) That's their homemade ketchup in that little jam jar.

We each ordered cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes (chocolate for me, strawberry cheesecake for the boy). The fries were curly and thin and delicious. Every time I think about them, I want them (my mouth is watering, I'm serious!). The burger was less than perfect, too pink for me, and it fell apart :(. But the delicious chocolate shake made from Sucré gelato made up for it.

After dinner, we went to Frenchman St. to meet up with Teri and everyone else. I spotted some cool graffiti.. check it out!

That's me holding hands with Glittersaurus. Obviously.

We went to Three Muses, ordered some drinks, listened to some live music, and chatted.

My strawberry mojito? Delicious as it looks. Three Muses has lots of pretty, tasty drinks. Yum!

Later on we wandered around the rest of Frenchman St., and after many different poor options, we chose Blue Nile. We ended our night listening to a lively brass band (and watching some very terrible dancing).

Disclaimer: These photos are from phones (my kind of crappy one and the boy's iPhone), so they are not of the best quality. I will try to be better at photos in the future!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

ooh, ahh

I interrupt the previously scheduled blog post to alert you to a very exciting piece of information you may or may not have heard about!

The people behind Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People (among others) are creating a bridal line to debut this Valentine's Day! How amazing is that? I don't have a wedding in my near future (of my own, anyway), but I still find this news very exciting.

From their Facebook page:
"For the day that celebrates a woman’s personal taste and style, BHLDN provides a confident and guiding voice to help create an extraordinary experience for brides to share with their family and friends."
Not surprisingly, the webpage is gorgeous and very Anthropologie. You can check it out for yourself here. (As an aside, isn't that music pretty? It's “What Are We Waiting For?” by Icelandic sextet Amiina.) And it seems the brand won't only have dresses that are of the same gorgeous aesthetic as the clothing found at Anthropologie -- they will also have "bridesmaid frocks, party dresses, assorted jewelry, headpieces, footwear, and lingerie"... so basically anything you could ever need, right? But good news, there's more! Later on in the year, they will also have decorations, including lanterns, cake toppers, etc.

Personally, I can't wait to see what they have in store. If you're already planning your wedding, better change the date for after Valentine's Day ;).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

inspired fashion : gossip girl

I find the TV show Gossip Girl inspiring in many ways: the fashion, the music, Little J's dark wardrobe and even darker eyeliner, the manipulative schemes and crazy, unbelievable situations the characters are thrust into..Okay, maybe just the first few. But in all seriousness, Gossip Girl's characters are impeccably dressed, and the stylists clearly use up-and-coming trends as inspiration for the cast's outfits.

When I was watching the latest episode on Monday, all I could think of was, "Wow, that's a lot of HUGE necklaces!" So I thought I should share this inspiration with you by way of a few screenshots of the necklaces featured on episode "The Kids Are Not Alright." This is a look accessible for anyone -- just follow my tips from the patterned bag post because otherwise the look will become overwhelming very quickly. You could also check out the screenshots and see the characters' entire outfits for inspiration. You'll notice that their dresses are fairly plain, like one color, or match nearly exactly, like Blair's amazing sparkly dress (that, ahem, I would kill for -- you should maybe watch your back, Leighton ;) ).

{Screenshots available at}

Next post will include some fabulous statement necklaces that you can buy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

rain, rain, go away

{memoir on Etsy}

It's been gloomy all day today, and the sky finally broke a few hours ago. It's been raining and raining ever since. Although it made it unpleasant to take a trip to the grocery store, I thought I should give rain a little tribute.

{cute rainboots here}

It's always nice to have some cute rain boots to spice up an otherwise drab day (and an outfit that includes a rain jacket).

{LycheeKiss on Etsy}

I wouldn't even mind if it were raining if I could wear this pretty necklace!

{mini bath "ice cream" in summer rain here}

And lastly, there's nothing better than a warm bath while the rain falls outside your window. Evoke the storm without carrying an umbrella with one of these sweet little bath bombs in Summer Rain fragrance.

Here's hoping you're enjoying some lovely weather!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pulling it off - patterned bag

So I got this beautiful, fun new bag from Fossil for Christmas (Thanks Mom!). {You can buy your own here - they have a few cute new patterns too, available on Fossil's website.}

Now, I have some suggestions on how to successfully pull off a look like this. With such a bright, vibrant, eye-catching pattern, you want to keep everything else you're wearing pretty subdued. I wouldn't necessarily say you have to avoid patterns all together, but use caution when selecting (for example, you could do a polka dot in two colors, maybe stripes, but not a HUGE all-over pattern). I'd also select a color from your bag to inspire your outfit. And when you choose a trend like the patterned bag, you want to avoid other big trends because it will look over-done.

So, what did I wear? Well, I didn't get a photo (oops!), but here's the outfit..

-- Similar navy sweater (mine is actually v-neck and not cable, but you get the idea) {Forever 21}
-- Skinny jeans {Urban Outfitters}
-- Cream 3/4 length cardigan (I just rolled up the sleeves of the navy sweater underneath) {Urban Outfitters - not sure this is the exact one, but the one I own is soo comfy and cute!}
-- Similar light brown leather boots {Steve Madden - mine are from last season, but these are similar except mine have cuffs and less of a heel}
-- Gold tiered earrings {mine are from World Market, but these at QVC are similar -- update! Here are some more that I like a little better.}

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the mecca of cool products

So, you like Etsy's treasuries?
Then you'll LOVE this site I just discovered (maybe you've heard of it, I may be behind the times..).
It's called Wanelo.
You can install a toolbar (much like Polyvore), and it lets you "clip" your favorite products onto the site. I haven't explored it too extensively, but you can browse the most recent uploads, or you can check out their "Collections" (this is like Etsy's treasuries, but with products from all over the web). Here's some cool finds from the site..

{This is lovely, huh? Only $3,500 here.}

{I love these shoes! Not sure I could pull them off.. could you?}

{Some awfully cozy-looking sweater pillows.. I think this could be a pretty cool DIY project from thrifted sweaters! I may have to try it out and report back.}

{Affordable, glamorous earrings from lizix26 on Etsy.}

And finally...the grand finale...

{Oh my gosh, it's the pig from Angry Birds! I would throw birds at him if I had him.}

30 for 30

So Kendi Everyday is one of my favorite new (to me) blogs. One of the coolest things she does on her blog is a challenge called 30 for 30. Basically she challenges herself (and you!) to remix your outfits -- you get to pick 30 items (not including accessories and outerwear, but it does include shoes!), and you're supposed to remix these items into 30 different fabulous outfits. It's kicking off February 1st.
I've been considering attempting the 30 for 30, but our weather is so unpredictable here in New Orleans, I'm not sure it would work out that well. Plus I have to go to Virginia early in the month for a business trip, and I think it's going to be pretty chilly! Maybe next time.. but you should do it now if you can!
She also offers really great advice for over-hauling your closet (She calls it "Create a Working Closet," and you can find the last post and links to the previous posts here.). And is just generally adorable -- I love her style of writing, and she's so witty! Blogger crush? Maaaybe.
Here's one of my favorite outfits of Kendi's..

I actually went out and got a cool skeleton key shortly after I saw this, and I'm going to make it into a necklace of my own!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

dream interpretation, anyone?

Last night (or maybe this morning, it's hard to say), I had some VERY strange dreams. I usually don't remember my dreams this vividly, so I just have to share.

So here we go.. my mom, brother, and I were in church. But we were all sitting on giant long couches rather than in pews, and the ministers were up on a huge stage with velvet curtains. Then they picked some people to sing the hymn in front, and it turned out they all had dreads (then there was a joke -- how typical, we are Unitarians!). THEN the church a capella group got up on stage to sing their version of the hymn.

But then it gets weirder -- somehow we flash forward to this huge ship. The boyfriend and I are on this ship (and so is my rabbit, Cinnabun, oddly enough). We decide to sleep out on the deck in sleeping bags (with Cinnabun). So in the middle of the night, a huge storm develops, and I somehow hear the radio -- they're closing the big bridge, there's flooding, etc. But we seem fine. Then suddenly we are SO not fine -- the ship starts sinking! My bunny is running around, binkying (Side note: If you don't know what "binkying" is, please watch this adorable video), getting dangerously close to the edge and falling into the wild waves below! Somehow I catch him and throw him inside the main part of the ship (which for some reason is not sinking. Hm.). So the bunny is safe, but the boyfriend is still asleep! I run out to wake him up, and he's all confused (typical David sleepy state), but I tell him we need to hurry and get inside! I see that my glasses are precariously close to falling in the water, so I grab them, but in the process, I toss my phone into the sea. I see its lights as it slowly sinks (I hope this is not foreshadowing an event in my waking life). Everything else (sleeping bags, Cinnabun's cage?) starts sinking too, and suddenly we are in the water, swimming! How quickly things progressed. Luckily, a life vest comes floating to me (I am not a very good swimmer), but it's not fully inflated -- I ask the boyfriend to please blow it up for me because I don't want to put my mouth on its questionable plug (this is just too realistic). So he somehow obtains another life vest, and we float on over to the main part of the ship, which is still not sinking, and hop on. And with dream-us safe, I wake up, reassured that I can face a sinking ship as long as David is there to blow up my life vest.

Welcome to the clutter-filled place that is my head.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

trend alert - geometric patterns

A trend I'm really digging right now is geometric patterns. That sweater is especially catching my eye.. and possibly a part of my next paycheck!

{sources (clockwise): gemagenta, zazzle, bestillshop, plastique, modcloth}

What do you think about the geometric pattern trend? Cool or too much?

i heart you fashion

Valentine's Day has invaded stores -- Target, Michael's, Pier 1, everywhere! Not big about decorating your house for a holiday that doesn't have a "season"? Then decorate yourself for the day! And if you don't have a sweetheart this year, you're sure to attract one wearing these cute, cute items.

super fun heart sunglasses (also available in pink, of course!)

{available at fredflare}

kind of romantic, but still casual dress

{available at lulu's}

SO fun statement boots

{currently sold out at modcloth - but you can be notified when they're restocked!}

very affordable ($6.50!) handmade button earrings

{available from HandmadeBlayne on Etsy}

Now just remember -- you only need to wear one accessory that screams "crush on me!" to make a statement. Don't go nuts and throw on every pink or red item you can find, and only wear one heart accessory -- you don't want to look like a crazy person.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

to-die-for craft supplies

So I'm currently working on some Valentine's Day garlands for over in my Etsy shop. During my winter vacation, I stopped at a local craft store to stock up on felt (which was 50% off, woohoo!) to replace my diminished supply. I walked on over to the felt section, and what did I see to my surprise? Patterned felt! Imagine the possibilities!

Alright, so maybe you're not quite as excited as I am about this..

But check it out:

Personally, I picked up some embossed! red felt with a swirly flourish pattern, zebra stripes, cheetah print in pink and black, black and white houndstooth, and some polka dots. I was pretty pumped.

And the results?

So just hop on over to google and search for "patterned felt" or "embossed felt." Or better yet, search on Etsy and support your fellow crafting business people!

Used patterned felt lately on a project you want to share? Seen it in a store near you? Leave me a comment!

welcome to one cluttered life

In this cluttered life, it's easy to pass over some really amazing things -- whether that be ideas, talent, art, products, no matter. Lucky for you, I'm going to help you out! I'm here to point out some things you may miss in your busy daily life, riddled with to-do lists and deadlines. So take a breather and check out some pretty awesome stuff I've found.

Yours in the search for pretty cool clutter,