Thursday, March 21, 2013

adult easter basket

Get your mind out of the gutter, lady. This is just a post about a prize from a giveaway I won!

Chloe over at All That Good Stuff hosted a cute giveaway of her favorite things, and I was the lucky winner. I received a big box today closed with Hello Kitty duct tape. And what was inside...?

Notepad, RedBull, Cosmo magazine, glittery bow clip, hot pink nail polish, Blistex, Cadbury mini eggs, M&Ms, and gift cards to Starbucks AND Target!

It was like getting an early Easter basket! She even included that pink grass that kids are prone to throw all over the house (I refrained).

There's nothing like getting surprise mail at the (almost) end of a really long week, am I right? Thanks again, Chloe!

x Hilary

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

review : corkcicle

I was super excited for the opportunity to try out this new product, the corkcicle, I kept seeing on giveaways around blogs I read. It's basically a plastic "spear" with an attached cork. You stick it in the freezer for a few hours, then put it in your wine to keep it chilled outside, on a table, etc.

Here it is in its sturdy box.
Guess I could have cropped this photo. My bad.
I was planning on using it for the first time at a lovely spring picnic in a New Orleans park, where alcohol outside in a public place is legal (and highly encouraged) -- although technically you're not supposed to have glass, so it may have been a little risky anyhow. Livin' on the edge, that Hilary. Anyway, then it got cold again, so that was a bust.
So naturally my first thought regarding alternative situations was to try it out during the Bachelor finale. A pretty serious event necessitating wine, duh. And since we would obviously be glued to our seats -- lest miss a minute of the most. dramatic. finale. ever. -- the wine would need to stay on the table, so a trip to the fridge wouldn't be required. Instead, the wine stayed close at hand and out of the fridge, with only the corkcicle to keep it cool.
Tracey did the honors.
Obviously this was not a difficult task (not to minimize Tracey's wine-related skills).
Here it is in action, a perfect fit for my bottle. With our good hero Sean in the background.
Also, yes, that is an energy efficiency sticker on my TV. I just got a new one (please see two posts down to see why). Never hurts to have a reminder of how energy efficient you are? Clearly it's not just that I'm lazy. Clearly.

As you can see, the corkcicle even works on cheap inexpensive wine. I was pleasantly surprised by how tightly the cork fit -- I'm not sure why this was surprising to me, but suffice it to say there was no wine escaping without intent. 

When you do want more wine, this is how you're supposed to pour it. This super intense strategy probably prevents spills maybe. I don't know, we were just following directions.

As you can see, Bachelor finale and corkcicle still going strong.

So, I bet you're wondering, when will this review end? does it really work? As you probably can't tell because of my semi-crappy cell phone pictures, the wine was still cold when Chris Harrison made another appearance about half way through the three hour finale (this is time none of us can get back, folks). Yep, almost two hours later, the wine was still chilled. Now, admittedly I was inside, so the wine was never exposed to temperatures warmer than room temperature, but it still did a pretty good job. I'm pretty confident it would keep wine cold for at least 30 or 45 minutes outside in summer in a reasonable temperate city.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product if you're a wine fan. I also think it'd make a super cute hostess gift with a bottle! (Want your own? Buy one here!

So yes, I was happy with the product, as well as the results of the Bachelor -- Sean picked my early favorite. Not as excited about the next Bachelorette, but you know I'll be watching anyway. 

Boo the cat? Not quite as impressed with the corkcicle or The Bachelor. 
x Hilary
Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review, but all of the opinions are my own.

Aaand I'm co-hosting the Almost Friday Thursday Blog Hop again over at Visit and link up if you like!

Monday, March 4, 2013

comment confusion

Hi blogger friends,
What comment system do you use? I was excited about Disqus because it makes it easy to reply to comments, but now it's not showing all the comments I'm getting. I removed it, and now it looks like I commented on my own blog! Kind of amusing, but also not accurate.
Any advice is welcome!
x Hilary
P.S. Pretty sure I would freak out if I won this giveaway for a Kate Spade bag.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

a rather unfortunate event

Oh, what a great weekend. Spent studying, cleaning, and grocery shopping. All of my favorite things.

So what could top off such a fabulous weekend? The only fitting event to end such an eventful two days?

No, that isn't a fancy effect nor a music video for a hip new electronica artist. 
That's an extremely broken, rather pricey TV that I have had for less than two years.

And this is the furry culprit. 

Admittedly, this bad animal has jumped up on the very slim TV before, and I've removed him with a stern warning. He has even knocked it completely off the stand once, and the TV fared much better that time... no damages. 

But no, not this time. Not this time. This time was different. While I was standing in the kitchen, little Boudreaux ran and propelled himself off the front of the TV. And it went crashing down, amidst yelling and profanities (of my own.. if they had been from Boo, maybe I would be a little less upset because I would have a talking cat on my hands). 

And so, it's now time for me to sell everything I own, so I can afford a new TV. 

I currently have the following items on ebay. Please consider bidding. Please please. Have I mentioned I'm a poor graduate student? Living off loans? Eh?

These super hot Chinese Laundry heels are starting WAY less than their original retail value, $79.95.

These Monster lil' jamz in-ear headphones are also starting pretty cheap.

I'm considering putting up some cute stuff from my closet. Would anyone be interested in seeing what I have that I'd be willing to sell? Leave me a comment... (I'm a 2/4 slash small.)

x Hilary

Saturday, March 2, 2013

hilary's kitchen adventures : hamentaschen

As a post-Purim treat (because obviously we couldn't get ourselves together in time to make these on an appropriate timeline aka before Purim), my friend and I made some homemade hamentaschen. This was the first time I've ever even thought about attempting such a thing, and they turned out so. well. They are basically shortbread with filling in a triangle shape. We used nutella as our filling because... well, do I really need to explain that to you? Obvs nutella > fruit filling, no question.

It was safe to say that this recipe needed more flour. 
This sticky dough was so attached to our fingers (& T's ring..oops). 

It made for some pretty amusing/spazzy pics.

There was no chance we'd be able to use a rolling pin. No. chance. Fingers/hands would have to do.


... and after. 
And perhaps this gives you a nice idea of why I don't cook -- what a mess. 

Luckily they were totally delicious and clean up didn't take TOO long. I would definitely use more nutella next time. Plus it was a good chance for T and me to pretend we are good, observant Jews. Just a day late. Better late than never?

x Hilary

P.S. Love the EAT letters on my wall? My very talented mom made them using this tutorial.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

cara box reveal : february

Cara Box

For my first blog swap, I joined Kaitlyn at Wifessionals for the Cara Box swap. Kaitlyn paired bloggers up by state, so that matches could actually meet up if they wanted. I got paired up with another Kaitlyn, over at Put a Bow on It, who lives in Lafayette but commutes to Baton Rouge once a week. We met up downtown for our respective lunch breaks and exchanged boxes.
Let me just say, I definitely got spoiled! Check out what Kaitlyn picked out for me...

So the theme of the swap was ClubSexy. Not gonna lie, I didn't really get it. 
Kaitlyn got me the above set off Ulta nail polishes and those fun stamps (that I'll probably put on all further article reviews... ha) to fit the theme.

The rest of my box was cocktail themed, which is super appropriate for me. She got me a cute rubber wine stopper (which I almost bought for her!), a mini mixer set (so I can try and fail to make my own mojitos, yum), and adorable cocktail napkins with my new motto. 

What, there's more?! She got me a cupcake kit that is cocktail themed (did you even know such a thing existed?!) and even crafted it up (a girl after my own heart, obviously) and added some decorative stitching to this cute heart kitchen towel.

I love my box, thanks Kaitlyn! And thanks, other Kaitlyn, for setting up this swap. It was super fun to pick out a little themed gift for someone! 

x Hilary

almost friday thursday blog hop

Today I'm co-hosting a blog hop for the first time! I'm not even sure what that means, but it seems like a good way to find some new blogs. So will you join me?
x Hilary
P.S. New blog posts coming soon - a spotlight on a new favorite place in Baton Rouge, Olive or Twist, and a nutella hamentashen recipe.

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